Keith A. Yeazel

ISLN: 902580853
Email: [email protected]

To preserve your legal rights and allow for the best possible outcome for your case contact federal defense attorney Keith Yeazel for a free initial consultation. He will work to safeguard your liberty and legal rights.

Practice Areas
Federal Crimes (80%); Litigation (10%); White Collar Crime(10%)

Admitted: 1989, Ohio and U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio; 1990, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit; 1992, U.S. Supreme Court; 1998, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio

Law School: Capital University, J.D., Order of the Curia

Member: Columbus and Ohio State Bar Associations; Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Biography: Judicial Law Clerk, U.S. District Judge George Smith, 1989. Life Member of the Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference.

Born: Fayetteville, North Carolina, February 14, 1956

Cases: Carter v. Mitchell, 693 F.3d 555 (CA6 2012); Van Hook v. Bobby, 661 F.3d 264 (CA6 2011)(Capital Habeas); Bobby v. Van Hook, 558 U.S. 4 (2009)(Capital Habeas); State v. Elmore, 122 Ohio St.3d 473 (2009)(Capital Appeal); Van Hook v. Anderson, 560 F.3d 523 (CA6 2009)(Capital Habeas); Webb v. Mitchell, 586 F.3d 383 (CA6 2009)(Capital Habeas); Van Hook v. Anderson, 488 F.3d 411 (CA6 2007) (Capital Habeas) (en banc); United States v. Smith, 474 F.3d 888 (CA6 2007) (Federal Appeal); State v. Elmore, 111 Ohio St.3d 515 (2006) (Capital Appeal); Van Hook v. Anderson, 444 F.3d 830 (CA6 2006) (Capital Habeas); United States v. Perry, 438 F.3d 642 (CA6 2006) (Federal Appeal); State v. Carter, 93 Ohio St.3d 581 (2001)(Capital Appeal); Van Hook v. Anderson, 127 F.Supp.2d 899 (2001)(Capital Habeas); State v. Jackson, 92 Ohio St.3d 436 (2001)(Capital Appeal); State v. Palmer, 92 Ohio St.3d 241 (2001) (Capital Appeal); State v. Webb, 85 Ohio St.3d 365 ((1999)(Capital Appeal); State v. Scudder, 131 Ohio App.3d 470 (1998) (Capital Appeal); United States v. Smith, 981 F.2d 887 (CA6 1992) (Federal Appeal); Columbus Div. Of Income Tax v. Schneider, 84 Ohio App.3d 538 (Franklin App.1992)(Civil Appeal).