White Collar Criminal Defense

Truth is the strongest defense. Individuals and businesses engaged in commerce are targets of governmental investigations. Many times, government investigations are instigated by people who hold a grudge or believe they are owed something. Such persons may tell the government half of the truth. They may turn over documents that, in isolation, appear incriminating. In such a situation, you need a lawyer who has experience in reconstructing, from document review and interviews, the complete picture of what actually occurred. In the investigatory stage, the goal of white collar defense is avoid charges altogether. Keith Yeazel can identify your options and discuss a plan to shield you from criminal liability. If you have been charged, Keith Yeazel has the experience you need to explain complicated issues with an eye toward influencing a favorable resolution of your case. Attorney Yeazel has represented persons accused of telemarketing fraud, telecommunications fraud, wire fraud, heath care fraud, defense procurement fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, credit card fraud, RICO, and embezzlement. Call for a free consultation.