Federal Investigations

The federal government can bring infinite resources to bear upon you when investigating potential crimes. The government has the FBI, DEA, ICE, ATF and the Secret Service as well as laboratories and experts available anytime. You only have your lawyer and professionals willing to help those accused of crimes to assist you. You need a experienced lawyer who is well-informed and bold enough to stand up to the government to protect your rights. When the government is investigating, a defense lawyer should act with discretion and try to keep the matter confidential because the last thing you want is publicity. Involvement of a lawyer during the investigative stage can protect your rights and, given the circumstances, can make the difference on whether or not the government decides to charge you with a crime. Keith Yeazel has the background and skills to represent you when the government knocks on your door. Attorney Yeazel has represented targeted persons in numerous investigations including narcotics, fraud, theft, embezzlement, firearms, tax, immigration, counterfeit checks and currency investigations. Call for a free consultation.